everyone is looking for a thrill seeking adventure and heart pumping experience!  why not try TANDEM SKYDIVE? yes, you are right! Philippines is now now offering a TANDEM SKYDIVING in the Philippines, the sport was introduce last year in Mactan Cebu. Boyd Alvin Loreno, Conrad Tomeldan and Brad Vancina who owns the SKYDIVE GREATER KANKAKEE started and initialize the Tandem Skydive in the Country, and now skydiving in the country is much awaited and to experience it is a must YOLO! its a BUCKET LISTER. before the nearest skydiving center is in Thailand, Australia Dubai! why go out if Philippines can offer a great discount and save more money! after skydiving go on the beach of BANTAYAN ISLAND, and do more than the usual! BOOK NOW! and check your bucket list! YOLO! contact us. 09164488000 skydive@aero-tour.info